Fall Favorites

Let’s be real people – I share my favorites so that I don’t buy everything on my list. So, technically maybe this started out as my September wish list, but has now morphed into my fall favorites. FAIL- I know. All of these items I have purchased, and I REALLY do enjoy them!

ShopEllieBelle Sherpa – I practically live in my monogrammed Sherpa jacket during the fall. It’s cozy, warm, and so cute! What’s not to love about it?


Primally Pure Deodorant – Aluminum free deodorant that actually does the job! I was so sick of thick and oily aluminum free deodorant. Primally Pure is not too heavy. I honestly can’t feel a difference between when I am wearing the deodorant and when I’m not! I do some tough work outs from time to time (hot yoga, spin class) and don’t smell like BO when I am done. This stuff works! The smell is light, it’ not overpowering, but I can smell to tell if I’ve put it on or not in the morning. I tried both the lemongrass and charcoal. I personally, like the charcoal better. It has a fresh minty smell that I love!

Primally Pure also has many other natural products in their line that I can’t wait to try.


Homegoods – I’ve found my one true love. Between their reasonably priced alive forever (aka fake) plants and other home decorations. I’ve fallen hard, and I’ve fallen fast. But seriously… where have I been?!? I want need everything! I think I’m most impressed with the rug selection. They are so reasonably priced it is crazy!

Cutting Edge Stencils – I used these tile stencils to makeover my fireplace and could not be happier with how it turned out! Look for a post on the results soon!

TOMS – I thought TOMS were a thing of the past, but here they are throwing it down with a dressy version of the classic tennis shoe. Can I just say that I am impressed? They are so comfy too!
del rey

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