Flower Party

Summer is here and it’s time to have some fun! I got the idea for a flower party from a place in downtown San Antonio by the Pearl Brewery. I thought it sounded like so much fun to get a group of friends together to go down and make our own flower arrangements, but at $65 a pop it wasn’t very realistic. So instead I came up with my own version of the Vintage Bouquet Bar!

I gathered some cheap flowers from Trader Joe’s, found an instructional video here, and provided the necessary materials to make our own.


  • Flowers ( Trader Joe’s )
  • Scissors
  • Greenery (backyard)
  • Mason jars as vases
  • Washi tape or floral tapeThe finished masterpieces! We had so much fun creating and chatting.

One thought on “Flower Party

  1. Love this Ellie! There is so much joy in the simple things in life and creating beautiful things is always such a stress reliever. You did an awesome job! Elainie

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