b ö h m e

My newest love! Y’all the day has come, I didn’t think it ever would, but alas it has. Instagram has started hitting me with relevant ads and I love/hate it.  I love it because they are so spot on and I am finding tons of new fun things I probably never would have stumbled across if  it wasn’t scrolling by on my insta feed. So today it happened… lucky number 3 and I thought if I’m as wowed by this shop by my friends would be why am I not sharing it with them! So here my lovelies is the third time Instagram has gotten it right with their creepily predictive ads.

 b ö h m e

Ever heard of it? Me neither, but I am obsessed. I’ve collected a few of my favorite finds and most likely soon to haves. Let me know what you think!

Links to each in order:

Flaming Desert Rose Top – $42.50

Little Huckleberry Maxi – $62.50

Waterfalls Of Lilac Dress – $42.50

Pretty Vintage Doll Top – $34.50

Floral Impressions Dress – $54.50

Black Star Skies Dress – $36.50

Mrs. Daisy Fields Top – $34.50

Floral Finds Dress – $58.50

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