Austin Girls Trip

A few of my friends and I recently decided to meet up in Austin for a Girls trip. After graduating in May, we knew we needed an excuse to see each other again. So we decided what better way to celebrate our big kid jobs than to go on a trip. It didn’t take much convincing to get the group together in Austin (a good half-way point for the group).

I thought I’d share some of the fun things we got to experience. We pretty much winged our whole trip and it ended up being amazing, but I thought I’d knowledge transfer so others can have as much fun as we did! The weekend of our trip it was constantly raining and we thought it was going to rain on our parade, but there was a surprising amount of great things to do despite the rain.

We met at Irene’s for brunch and boy was it yummy! Also, $3 mimosas. Need I say more?


After, because it was raining we were looking for something we could do indoors. I had been following a really cute succulent store on Instagram and remembered that they were located in Austin. So, that’s what we did next! Keri the owner of Slavonk and Hortus is too sweet. We weren’t sure when classes were scheduled and thought we were just going to look at the pre-made floral designs. When we walked in without an appointment Keri was a doll and let us build our succulent terrariums anyway.


We had so much fun and got to take these cuties back home with us as a memory of a great trip. It is such a neat concept. You get to choose the container, 3-4 succulents, the color of the sand you use, and any other decorative pieces to complete your DIY one-of-a-kind terrarium.

While chatting with Keri and building our terrariums she suggested a few of the more local things to do in town, so that is what we did next!  To start of our night we went to House Wine – a small wine bar in a house that has been transformed into sitting rooms where customers can sit and enjoy wine flights and cheese plates.


For dinner we went to Ramen Tatsu-Ya a pretty popular restaurant around town and we were not impressed! After standing outside for 30 mins in the cold and rain we were pretty excited to try this ramen that so many of our friends had raved about. Maybe we were just grumpy from standing outside for so long, or maybe we just don’t like exotic food but either way were not impressed.

We did however finish the night with a grand slam – donuts at Gourdough’s Public House! It was such a neat atmosphere with a piano bar and donuts to die for! I’m still dreaming of the Flying Pig donut that I had.


Overall, we had a blast! Get your girl group together and plan your trip to Austin today!

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