Holiday Gift Giving Guide

The perfect Christmas gift giving guide for 20 somethings. My mom is always asking me what I want for Christmas. So, this season I am going to help her and all you other people out there searching for the perfect gift for your loved one in their 20s.

The best gifts come with a story. For example: I picked this out because you pinned it on Pinterest and I know blue is your favorite color, here is a beautiful handmade wreath that took 8 trips to Hobby Lobby to complete but for you it was worth it, the company I purchased this from supports women in Uganda.. you get the point.

Now – I am going to warn you, I have separated them out into categories. I am not stereotyping I am simply letting you know what different characteristics about me they relate to best. So don’t judge and no nasty comments. 🙂

Techy Gifts.  I will preface this by saying I work in IT…so one would hope I know what I am talking about. These are gadgets I think are cool and wold assume that most others my age would enjoy too!


Monogrammed Gifts. Shameless plug for my favorite monogrammed shopelliebelle items from this winter 2016.


Boyfriend Gifts. No, these aren’t gifts to give to your boyfriend…these gifts are gift ideas for boyfriends to give to their girlfriends. I know some guys stress about getting gifts for that special girl. It’s hard, but here are some ideas to point you in the right direction.

  • Kendra Scott – I love pointing boys in the direction of Kendra Scott! It is easy to find something she’ll like because all of the jewelry is so stinking cute.


Gifts that Give Back. These are gifts that come with a story. You’ll get to share how purchasing the gift helped support someone in need.


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