{Enchanted} Rock

About once a year we take a trip to hike up the largest rock around. It is a fun trip for the family, even Oscar who DOES NOT WALK! Our goofy little dachshund Oscar wants nothing more than to be included, but he has never been one for going on walks. Since our trip wouldn’t be a family adventure without him, he gets to ride along in his little fanny pack as you can see in the photo. <We really must personalize with his name, but haven’t quite gone that monogram crazy…yet!>


The reason our family loves this hike is because it isn’t too long or strenuous. It has some special history for our family, and is a great time for us to all get out into nature together. Enchanted Rock is the perfect little weekend trip and I know that we will continue to go for years to come.


Pro tip: Be sure to get here early, especially during the summer months because it gets HOT. Pack lots of water and maybe lunch if you want to have a little picnic up top. We always go to eat at a cute little restaurant called Woerner Warehouse Cafe as a treat for getting to the top of the rock. It is super cute and has a Magnolia Market feel to it!

If going on a holiday weekend, be sure to get here early as the park fills up fast and by noon the gates will be closed.


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