New York, The City of Dreams

Recently, my six (yes six) roommates and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit New York! It was the trip of a lifetime and I can’t wait to go back with them again soon. As college students on a budget, we found tons of ways to keep costs down as we adventured within the city. In this post I will outline the must see places we went, what to do at each of the sites, and some places we can’t wait to go next time we visit.

Central Park. The iconic Central Park is a hidden sanctuary in the midst of The City that Never Sleeps. You could spend days just exploring the park, but some of the highlights that we were able to visit during our morning here were the merry-go-round, Infinity’s Song under the bridge, and lunch at The Boathouse. The Boathouse was our splurge meal, it was good food with a fantastic view of the park.




9/11 Memorial. You cannot visit New York without visiting the 9/11 Memorial. It is important to remember the lives that were lost in the act of terrorism against our country that has shaped the path of so many. God Bless America is our humble prayer.

Broadway. Of course, you MUST go to a Broadway show! We went to Matilda and Finding Neverland, but you really can’t go wrong. Oh, and Matthew Morrison took a selfie with us – no big deal. **We were able to get 2nd and 3rd row tickets for $38 by standing in line at 9 am the day of the show we were going to. Theaters will open their doors at 10 am and offer whatever available seats they have for that low price. It is hit or miss, but we hit big time!

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NBC Studios. Months before our trip we stalked the NBC Website for the chance to go to theJimmy Fallon show. Even though we weren’t thrilled about the political candidate he interviewed, it was still a great experience! We had such a good time that, after going to the live taping, we decided we had to try to get into SNL too. And we did! Even better, both were free!


Chelsea Market and The High Line. This area of NY was very young and artsy. We had a lot of fun shopping around and even found some cute maps of NY to take home as souvenirs. The High Line is an old railway that has been turned into an urban garden and it was a great place to walk around.



The MET. At the very least you have to take a Gossip Girl pic on the stairs! **We were able to get in for less than general admission by explaining to the information desk that we were college students.


Chinatown and Little Italy. When you ask a kind Chinese man where to go eat and he tells you Ferrara, you go eat at Ferrara. Lol at us thinking it would be a Chinese restaurant! It did end up being delicious though! This authentic little dessert store is MIND BLOWING.



Somewhere around Little Italy. We also really enjoyed walking around and finding different art pieces. None of us have any idea where exactly this was, but the entire area was really quaint. There were tons of cafe’s and great photography opportunities to be had.


That was our NY experience, and man it was a great one! There are a few things we wished we would have known about and will be sure to do next time we visit. So, without further ado, here’s the list:

  • Serendipity 3 (Frozen hot chocolate, make a reservation before!)
  • The Bagel Store
  • Melissa’s Cupcakes
  • Hamilton on Broadway
  • Black Tap NYC (dessert)

And as we left it started snowing. It was the perfect ending to the perfect trip.


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